The Consequences And Complications Of Globalization And Internationalization

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In today’s high competitive globalisation markets, and with its rapid integration of economies and societies, people are living in an increasingly interdependent world. Nation-wide barriers to the stream of goods, people and capital are breaking down, and platforms, policies and processes are standardising. In this report, the author will be exploring three broad sections in order to critically assess the international business environment that are crucial to succeed in the cross-border business. The first section is to discuss between the globalisation and internationalisation. The second section is to identify some issues and challenges business face by managers in an international environment. The third section is to elaborate the importance of business environment analysis and its implications, and application by business managers.
II. Section One
Globalisation vs Internationalisation
Globalization is regarded by many to be the predictable upsurge of the future, it is often mixed up with internationalization, however; they are totally different. Internationalization refers to
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According to Punnett (2004), the globalization notion is created on a number of comparatively modest grounds. This is such that the technological advances have increased the rate and alleviate international travel and communication. These have made the world becomes smaller, and with a smaller world implies that people are more conscious of activities outside of their domestic country, hence; are more likely to travel to other countries. This increased knowledge and travel result in a better understanding of foreign opportunities, and has led to the rising international trade and investment, as well as the number of businesses operating across national borders. All these increases mean that the economies around the globe are more intently

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