Animal Cruelty Research Paper

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Animal Cruelty About Animal Cruelty There are two types of animal cruelty, neglect or intentional cruelty ( Neglect towards an animal is not being able to provide a sufficiency of water, food, shelter or health care ( Neglect includes leaving an animal to starve or to become dehydrated, or disregarding an animal’s health care needs ( Intentional cruelty is killing or physically abusing an animal purposely and knowing that you are harming them ( Examples of intentional cruelty would be hunting, slaughter or animal fighting ( Both neglect and intentional cruelty affect animals used in circuses, zoos, farms, aquariums, puppy mills and animal shelters (…show more content…
As humans, we are at the top of the food chain which is a great advantage and means that we eat animals below us in the food chain. This mostly includes farm animals and marine animals ( Although some choose to become vegetarians or vegans (a person who does not eat meat or uses any of the remains of an animal that has been slaughtered) simply because they find the way that animals are slaughtered brutal and relentless and believe that they have rights ( Eating meat, poultry and fish are a huge part of our eating lifestyle and because of this; we raise and kill more of them. The method of how these animals are killed and handled are not the most humane way but it’s for our own survival. If we don’t kill animals we won’t be able to get necessary vitamins and nutrients that aren’t as plenty as they are found in vitamins ( If everyone was a vegetarian or vegan we would surely not survive, in fact, people would start dying within the next couple of years ( Another side to all this controversy is that because chickens are so overpopulated, people find no harm in killing over 9 billion each day. But if you think about the way they are killed, it still is very
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