The Consequences And Effects Of Cheating In School

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Stuck in class not knowing what to do or just didn 't want to do anything. What does this result in? Cheating can come in any form, as oxford dictionary defines cheating as in “Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.” although cheating comes in lots of form and places but academics cheating is most common form of cheating. Students copying or plagiarizing work from different student or the internet or just cheating in exams. Although, this gives a short-termed advantage of “good” grades. Cheating not only affects our lives but also others.
The consequence in schools by the result of academic cheating. According to Cheating in Academic Institutions by McCabe and Trevino, 1996 this caused a number of serious test cheater to rise by 25% in only three decades. This increase of the cheating is very concerning. Many universities are very strict over this topic in such that 70 students were forced to withdraw for cheating on a take home final exam in 2012 from Harvard. Plagiarizing work and cheating in exams or tests will have a long term disturbance the student’s education. When the student actually tries to learn or work they will have a difficult time and in the end they results in cheating and this cycle will continue. It’s known that cheating happens when students often find the work hard. As this suggest teachers are often trying their best to teach students and something the way the teacher makes students to not understand what the teacher is teaching and
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