Child Labour Act 1986 Essay

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to such areas or industries as may be specified by the Central Government.

• According to The Child Labour (prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986
The Act has stated right in the beginning that its aim is to prohibit the engagement of children in certain employment and to regulate the conditions of work of children in certain employment and to regulate the conditions of work children in certain other employments’.
After enactment of this Act, the Employment of Children Act, 1938 is repealed. All rules made in this Act will be in addition to the provisions of the Factories Act, 1948, the Plantations Labour Act, 1951 and the Mines Act, 1952.
1. According to the definition of this Act “child” means a persons who has not completed his fourteenth year of age.
2. Again, family units and training centers are not included in the purview of the Act.
3. The Act provides for the setting up of “Child Labour Technic Advisory Committee” for the purpose of additional of occupations and processes to the schedule. A notice of at least¬ three months will be given by the Central Government before adding any occupation or process to the schedule.
4. The Act clearly lays down that no child will be allowed to work for more than six hours per day with a rest period of one hour after three hours of work. Once a week he will be given a holiday.
5. No child will be allowed to
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The Government in the Act of 1986 gives itself the time of 10 years in which, it claims; it will abolish the serious problem of child labour. The Government has had enough power to deal firmly with employers violating the provisions of the Children Act of 1938, Factories Act of 1948, Minimum Wages Act, etc. for the past forty years, and yet this abhorrent exploitation continues. How does the Government now feel that they can do away with this problem in 10 years’ time? The enforcement of the new legislation has again been left in the hands of Inspectors who have provided rather ineffective through all these
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