The Consequences Of 9/11

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The world is constantly plotting against one another. Humans are fueled by greed, rage, and vengeance which lead to each other’s demise. Throughout history it has shown the inciting of their scheming has always lead to consequences; this can range from a single person’s devising to an organization’s conspiring to a government’s plotting. The case against O.J. Simpson is one of the most well-known murder trials. O.J. Simpson was acquitted, but he still had serious consequences for murdering his ex-wife and friend. O.J. Simpson continues to be thought of a guilty today despite the verdict of the original trial (Klosterman). A later case found Simpson responsible for the two deaths (Klosterman). Simpson himself said, “‘I know when I walk into a room, people are looking at me. I know when I walk into a restaurant, people are talking about me’” (Klosterman). Simpson plotted against his ex-wife and friend to the extent that he decided they no longer should live. Because he killed them, he still faces the consequences of his actions today. Two deaths may have reigned those consequences, but three thousand deaths had so much more. Every American knows about the events of 9/11. 9/11 has changed many parts of our government and security. In short, a Muslim…show more content…
If people did not we would practically be living in a utopia. Unfortunately, planning and enacting hurt seems to be growing as a specialty, and mankind is the master craftsmen. The story as old as conspiring against each other is the repercussions of doing so. Even Newton could see everything that is done will have an opposite reaction which is equally as powerful. Everything conspirators do will have a consequence just as bad as what they did. For whom the consequence goes too depends because there is a wide and unlimited range of how many of plotters can do so. People all over the world can only hope the people who are hurtful eventually see the consequences are not worth their own
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