The Consequences Of Benvolio In Romeo And Juliet

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How could one tiny change of decision drastically change the whole future outcome of an event? How could something so little like a butterfly flap its wings just a little bit faster and cause a tornado the next day? This phenomenon is something known as the butterfly effect, in which a small change in a system could alter the future events of one's life. Maybe if Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet had changed some of his many impulsive decisions, the two star crossed lovers would still be alive. People know Benvolio as the beloved cousin, and friend of Romeo, but could he really be a “friend,” of Romeo when he caused him and his lover juliet to kill themselves? In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Benvolio often chooses to make bad decisions knowing the consequences, as well as kill 4 people just because he failed to help make the right choices for his friends. Benvolio is accountable for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet because he often encourages Romeo to make rash decisions, knowing Romeo could get hurt. First of all, Benvolio was the one who introduced the idea of finding a new girl to love to Romeo, at the Capulet's feast. In act 1 scene 2, line 85, Benvolio is talking to Romeo about going to the Capulet's feast, Benvolio then says ¨at this same ancient feast of the Capulet's Sups fair Rosaline whom thou…show more content…
When Benvolio says “beat the drum” it means let's get started, or let's head in. The decision Benvolio made to go to the party yet hearing that romeo felt like something awful could be the the outcome, Benvolio was very impulsive because he knew there could be consequences, but he chose to insure them. In fact Romeos premonition was correct, that party is where he met Juliet and where he fell in love. If that never happened Romeo and Juliet would still be
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