The Consequences Of Evil In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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I think shakespeare is exploring the fact that many people are not born a blank slate. The evil that takes over hamlets life is partially because of the death of his father, but mostly just because of the cunning person he is. He loves to lure people in an feel welcome, and then can easily mess things up. I think killing polonius will not have that much effect on his character later in the play. This was what he had to do in his mind to fix his own issues.- REVENGE/MORAL CORRUPTION
The killing is now over and the king and rosecraftsz want hamlet out. The king calls on gertrude to get Hamlet to have a meeting with him and he wants to discuss how they are going to get rid of the body without anybody noticing, but this is going to be very difficult. Gertrude explained to the king what had happened, but she doesn 't know if she should believe that Hamlet has lost everything and actually has gone insane.- INSANITY x Rosencrantz and guildenstern become suspicious and finally ask the king where polonis has been, so out of nothing the king has to basically lie to their face and say, however the king tells them some riddles. He doesn 't like to share information.- APPEARANCE/REALITY x The guards are demanded to take Hamlet in and question where he has put the body of Polonius. He refuses to answer, like always and then goes on to talk to claudius in a convincing way. He starts to compare heaven and hell, and then at the end of somewhat of a speech he says that if you are looking

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