The Consequences Of Fate In Romeo And Juliet

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Just when you think that everything in your life is going perfectly fine, boom! Everything is falling apart and it feels as though your life might just be coming to an end. Could you have prevented these misfortunes? Or was your fate completely based on your actions? In the play Romeo and Juliet, the two “star-crossed lovers” think that they have everything all figured out, but eventually find themselves in a “death-marked love” meaning that their lives come to an unfortunate and sudden death. While some think that their death was caused solely by fate, really it was caused by the actions and decisions they chose. The reasoning for this is based on they way that they plan things, the way they overreact, and they way that they don’t think before acting.

It all starts with the ways that Romeo and Juliet make plans and arrangements. It begins when Romeo trespasses into the Capulet 's garden the day that they meet. Instead of spending time getting to know each other, they plan to get married shortly after. Then later in the play, Juliet plans on faking her own death just so that she could be put in a tomb where Romeo would then take her away so they could live
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For instance, at the beginning of the play when Romeo departs from the party without meeting Juliet, he could have easily just asked about her or writing her a letter or maybe even having a messenger, instead he chooses to trespass into her backyard late at night and hide in her garden until she walked out onto the balcony above. If that’s not enough proof for you, how about when juliet faked her own death just so that she could see Romeo when he was banished. And better yet, when Romeo hears about her “death” and decides to go and buy poison for himself and go back to her tomb in Verona. So as you can clearly see, the two lovers were a little bit on the dramatic
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