The Consequences Of Freedom In Orwell's Totally Freedom

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Totally freedom can be described as: “The right, given to people by God, to create their own choices.” You freedom cannot be damaged by any energy other than God. Humans can always work out their freedom when selection. However, when their choices come incompatible with the rules set by a greater energy, they might experience repercussions depending on how they select to use their freedom. The more limitations enforced upon someone’s freedom the more limited their capability to create choices become. The level to which someone may work out their freedom can be described as their “freedom.” Therefore, the more rules enforced upon someone’s freedom the more limited their independence. Although no energy, preserve God, can eliminate…show more content…
When he was experienced with the choice of whether or not to capture the elephant he could of created the decision to not to capture it. In reality, that is exactly what he desired to do: “I did not want to capture the elephant.” Actually, his choice to pay attention to the mob and not to his own moral sense was, in itself, an act of freedom. Totally freedom is unbreakable and existing in all choices. Antigone’s execution of freedom gives a excellent example of how independence may be damaged, but freedom continues to be unyielding. Antigone’s independence was affected by Creon’s law. Creon’s law banned the grieving and/or funeral of Polyneices. Polyneices was Antigone’s sibling and it is apparent that she liked him very much. Although the charge for disobeying the new law was loss of lifestyle, Antigone disobeyed the law any way: “Ismene. I am going to hide him. Will you come?” Antigone served in as opposed to the opinions of both her sis and Creon. Due to Antigone’s choice to work out her freedom in as opposed to the law placed by a greater energy, she experienced the impact, which was loss of lifestyle. This example reveals

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