The Consequences Of Friendships In 'The Kite Runner'

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Aldrich amese said,” The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies “. Well this quote is actually very true and when friendship turns into betrayal, it is really a very sad and a sorrowful experience. It is mostly seen that the betrayal comes between two friends when one or the other shares a personal information or a secret with a third party which one wanted to be kept confidential. In ‘The Kite runner’ the friendship between Hassan and Amir turned into the disintegration of relationships when Hassan gave a number of sacrifices for his friend, but when he himself was in trouble and was getting raped, Amir didn’t try to protect him or fight for him. Instead he just watched him getting raped with was really sad and…show more content…
In this type of betrayal one of the friends turns cold and suddenly acts like a stranger. Friendship is a very important part of everyone’s life. Everyone has and needs a friend in every part of their life, just to share things so that they can feel better. Friends are the family one gets to choose and friends often helps to come out of the difficult situation which one faces in their lives, by giving advices, suggestions, taking stands or talking to someone one has problem with, just to sort out things. A good friend never neglects someone and leaves in ones tough times. They all laugh and cry together. But when one friend betrays the other, then the situation changes and becomes worse. Same happened with Hassan and Amir. In the novel ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini, when Amir watched Hassan getting raped. After the incident, Hassan tried to be friends with Amir once again and tried to make things normal. He asked Amir if he would go out with him to buy some naan but he gave an excuse and ignored Hassan.…show more content…
This is something that all the people do come across in some point of their life. Betrayal can be of many types like your best friend spilling your secrets. The deeper the relation you have with the betrayer, the more intensely it would affect you. Betrayal can also take the form of hurtful acts. The process involves one friend pulling back in ways that are not always obvious, such as failing to defend the other friend from insults or fight, according to Brene Brown in the book “Daring greatly’: “How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love and lead”. If one of you think that things can’t get back to normal or one can’t forgive then you have to find ways to move on just like now Amir tried to flee to USA with Baba. One can learn a lesson from this and allow to grieve the good memories one had and his friend, relying on other friends, or family for the support. Once you get betrayed, its not likely that one will start talking to the betrayer once again and start trusting them like you did earlier. Therefore the trust can be lost and can’t be won once again. If you betray someone, then the best solution to get away from the situation is to apologize personally and tell the person what one will do to fix and compensate it. Sometimes a small betrayal helps and the way it works is that we fail in relatively an important way, and then go overboard in recovery. The message sent is ‘we

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