The Consequences Of Gender Inequality In The Young Age

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Think back to the memories that take place at the beginning of childhood. What is the first memory that comes to mind? Does it happen to pertain to learning how to ride a bike? Or playing at the park while making new friends? One would not think about how, as a child, he or she learned correct gender stereotypes from a young age. To a little boy, dresses and dolls seem unacceptable to adults. To a little girl, playing in mud and toy trucks happen to fall into a frowned upon category. The girls are always more protected, while the boys have more expected of them from the parents. While most parents have the belief that they do not stereotype their children, but most parents do stereotype their children into the correct categories that come with gender from the very beginning. From a very young age to now, gender inequality still remains a major problem because it creates many problems for men and women to this day.…show more content…
The formation of this topic begun in ancient times when women were the main target of this negative issue. Some argue that men faced more of the discrimination back in the beginning, but males were looked upon as the superior gender. Even though many forms of gender discrimination have proceeded to end, inequality of the sexes still plays a huge role in the layout of everyday lives. Causes of gender discrimination can range from economic issues or prejudice views to the traditional gender roles. The definition of gender inequality is the unequal and biased treatment between the two

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