Impact Of Globalization On Developing Countries

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Key terms: globalization and developed nations.
Even if this is happening for a long time, we just recently start recognizing it and being more involved in this process. We hear globalization everywhere but now we have ability to see and feel all consequences of it. This is a process that describes the interchange of world views, cultures, languages, products and ideas. Globalization has impacts on the environment, on culture, on political frameworks, on monetary improvement and thriving, and on human physical well-being in societies around the world.
Developed nations
I can say with many more people that we are lucky enough to live in country where we don 't have to worry about how to find water for drinking
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It has a lot of benefits of daily life of developed nations. It has a certain advantage such as economic processes, technological developments, political influences, social and natural environment factors, health and education systems. This advantages are all connected together, but very strong relation is between economy and health. Because of globalization, government in developed nations will provide enough money for education and health of people. For people in developed countries globalization is bringing lower prices of goods which are coming from abroad. This is giving them ability to have a higher standard of life. It also brings them more opportunities to have productive investment in countries which are in process of developing. Despite higher standard of living, we can say that life expectancy increase because economic gains from globalization. "With globalization, more than 85 percent of the world 's population can expect to live for at least sixty years and this is actually twice as long as the average life expectancy 100 years ago" (World…show more content…
Right now we can see that young people are affected very much by globalization. They are buying iPhones, wear Nike sneakers, eating in McDonalds and pizza, dancing with Latino music, only difference between them is language. After researching for this paper I found out many examples of globalization in really life. One of them was the example about Apple brand. This brand created iPhone in the United States. Since that was a big success they start to develop new models of iPhones and iPads. After that China start selling it too, but for much cheaper price. This would be a good prof why globalization is good for developed countries. If we have more competitors around the world means more products with lower price. Globalization bring to them competitive advantage and that is why there is always going to be a need for improving goods and
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