The Consequences Of Globalization And Developed Nations

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Introduction Key terms: globalization and developed nations. Globalization Even if this is happening for a long time, we just recently start recognizing it and being more involved in this process. We hear globalization everywhere but now we have ability to see and feel all consequences of it. This is a process that describes the interchange of world views, cultures, languages, products and ideas. Globalization has impacts on the environment, on culture, on political frameworks, on monetary improvement and thriving, and on human physical well-being in societies around the world. Developed nations I can say with many more people that we are lucky enough to live in country where we don 't have to worry about how to find water for drinking and food that is not poisoned. Reason for that is because we live in a developed country like Switzerland. Developed countries and nations are defined as a place where people have enough money to buy the thing they need. Economic status of this countries is more stable than undeveloped countries which have big issues with unemployment. In developed countries life expectancy is long, they have low poverty rate, good health care, standard of life is high and population is generally happy. Considering this two key terms I would write about two opposite hypotheses: 1. The view from the penthouse (globalization benefits developed nations) 2. The view from the street (globalization harms developed nations) The view from the penthouse We can

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