An Argument In Favor Of Gun Control

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Do you know how many people are in danger because of a gun. Many lives have been taken just because of a single bullet, despite this little to no action has taken place about these weapons, it’s a little frightening isn’t it. Shootings and deaths by guns are becoming all too common and many people have argued whether or not our government need to do something about this. If gun laws and gun control were implemented then it would lower violence, make it harder for criminals to get these items, and save lives. Though gun control may not protect every life, it would save many. To begin, enforcing gun control would lower the rate of gun violence. According to a website named, it states “The presence of a gun makes a conflict more likely…show more content…
According to “universal background checks could reduce firearm deaths by a projected 56.9%”. As seen in the quote, deaths would decrease substantially since people who are using the gun to hurt would never get them in the first place. Gun control laws would definitely add in background checks in order to get a legal gun. Many gun users also agree with this check on whether or not people should get their background checked before a gun in purchased. People may argue that people can get guns illegally. provides that 75% of guns are legally bought and that not all the guns used in shootings are legal. Though that may be true, that same information also suggest that background checks would help as well. The statement claims shows that 75% of guns used in shootings are legally bought so that means that background checks would eliminate most of that 75% of guns used in shooting. The background checks would make it harder to get legal guns if your background is bad. The info just proves more that these background checks do help reduce death and injuries. To summarize, background checks prevent anyone with a bad background to get guns and use them in harmful
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