The Consequences Of Hate Speech

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looks at how it ultimately affects society and targeted groups. There are a myriad of arguments for and against the allowance of hate speech. Some citing Democracy and the first amendment others stem from the fear of eroded freedoms of expression and have valid points, but ultimately, it corrodes society’s human rights and freedoms. The two fold issue being intolerance of the freedom of self-determination and the fact that some are born a color or culture and have no choice. Therefore, hate speech is anti-social and damaging to society as a whole. While politicians can control the masses through society, they can always manipulate their agendas using such tactics against the population. bad, good, a lot, really, make, because, very, many,…show more content…
Hate speech is not always grounded in reality and often driven by ignorance to the facts rather than experience and real prejudice. Some may argue that it is just harmless prejudice and our rights are threatened if we condemn it.SO is it the right to free speech or the right to insult? Racism, bigotry, political views and views about religions in fact, most views are learnt in the family home, then the education system, society, media and TV finish the indoctrination. The damage done to groups in society that are targeted is many faceted. Their livelihood, educational chances and every aspect of their lives are impacted through racism, ostracized, bias, prejudice. Such detrimental traits erode society as a whole. This may affect many generations, become complicated and an entrenched social issue, that is ingrained in the population 's psyche, and form parallel societies at odds with each other such as in the USA these days. “Some offensive remarks may, on the surface, appear harmless. But seemingly innocuous offences snowball into more pernicious forms. Once speech reaches a Nazi-like extreme, it becomes too late to avert the dangerous consequences” (Heinze, Nineteen arguments for hate speech bans and against them). While hate speech flourishes and isn’t condemned by society, there will always be ways for the media to manipulate the opinions of the masses. Wars are fought against another culture or countries also political agendas like communism or religion, have also been at the fore of many a war. Enabled through the manufactured propaganda, fabricated crimes or whatever information justified their demise. Maybe they 're savages, barbarians, dangerous, stupid, weak, a different color, race or culture. It is hard to wage a war on respectable people, when it is just for control, power and resource theft, it would not look moral
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