Response To Charlie's Flowers For Algernon

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Humanity is always developing and is always attempting to break boundaries. Human intelligence is thought to be set on a slow evolving path, but imagine a reality in which we can change that path, and speed it up for one person, to see if it can be sped up for everyone.Imagine that person holding an unfathomable desire to be better than them self even with big risks. The person being influenced by what’s around them while ignoring rather huge consequences. Flowers for Algernon can give a message to readers that sometimes you don’t need to be like everyone else and can just be yourself. Flowers for Algernon can present a theme of: Don’t worry about others, and only about yourself. Within the first few “progress reports” which the story is composed…show more content…
Charlie mainly regrets becoming smart because of the results of his research on how the doctors made him smart, which he decided to conduct after he was driven to do so after something happened to the mouse he was tested with, Algernon. Charlie saw how wrong the whole event was, after becoming successful and wealthy. One example of this is when Charlie was in a restaurant and saw a mentally disabled child being mistreated, and stood up and gave a small speech on how the room shouldn’t be laughing at the boy. I would say the most substantial evidence to how Charlie sees how wrong this was, was when he spoke to an audience about how he realized that the procedure to increase intellect was wrong, and how it wouldn’t work, because of what happened to Algernon. Charlie was able to give this speech to the audience of people and scientists who helped Charlie become intelligent, due to his research mentioned previously. What happened at the restaurant made Charlie question society itself, and drove him to announce that speech to that audience. After some time after Charlie became intelligent, he essentially grew more and more upset at humanity and his decision to become smart in the first place. A theme of not caring about how others are, and only about how you are, can be represented by Charlie seeing others being to read, etc., and wanting to be smarter like them, doing so and then regretting it, realizing he would have been happier staying how he was beforehand. Essentially, the story Flowers for Algernon can be summarized into one simple theme, which can be something along the lines of “be yourself.” This essay can be used to attain a realization to that of a life lesson. Beyond Flowers for Algernon, sometimes what we need to be careful of our
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