The Consequences Of Invasion And Civilization

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I chose to create this prompt for an essay for various reasons. For example, the conquering of these three civilizations similarly contributed to the eventual downfall of each society and a comparison between how this occured could be an interesting point in an essay because of the varying ways the societies were negatively affected. Also, the differences and similarities in how they were affected by the invasions such as how the Aztecs quickly fell partly due to diseases introduced by the Spanish, the Aryan invasion prompted the creation of Hinduism, and how Russia was hindered of growth because of the Mongolian presence offer an oppurtunity for the student to really explore their knowledge of these civilizations and compare the effects being conquered had on them.…show more content…
This topic will also give students the oppurtunity to thoroughly explore how and why systems of rule are enforced and upheld throughout history; especially among civilizations with differing cultures and ways of life. This essay prompt will be extremely influential due to a student’s understanding of the topics at hand as well as the beneficial opputunity to explore the reasoning and history behind

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