The Consequences Of Isolation In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (A Modern Prometheus ) suffering a period of isolation has the ability to terminate one's happiness , resulting in the negative consequences . To begin ; Victor Frankenstein held a happy disposition in his love of science , but after the creation of his monster he finds himself utterly disgusted with what he's crafted . This disgust and the actions of the monster lead him to continually lock himself away-resulting in his pleasant demeanor converting to behavior of depressed mania . Another character who falls into this pattern of behavior is that of Alphonse Frankenstein . Alphonse has a close and loving relationship with his family , yet as they are taken from him by way of the creatures murder , he is slowly…show more content…
He finds himself filled with a depressed mania lamenting " Despair had indeed almost secured her prey , and I should soon have sunk beneath this misery " (INSERT ) . Victor has suffered so much misery after the loss of his family , and as well after being alone for as long as he has with little to eventually no one to support him . For Victor , it was in his period of isolation that he truly lost the happiness that made him , himself . Another prime example of a character who suffers due to a period of isolation would be that of Alphonse Frankenstein , Victor's father . Alphonse was a man who experienced great joy and comfort in the presence of his loved one , it was clear to see that he was a happy and loving man . Even his son remembered him as such , saying " My parents were possessed by the very spirit of kindness and indulgence " (INSERT ) . Alphonse was shown as always having a large and loving family to surround him , it was clear that he was as fond of them as they were of him . Still , his closeness to his family may have been what really caused him to be as devastated as he was when they were so coldly ripped from him at the hands of the creature , forcing him into an unwanted loneliness
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