The Consequences Of Juvenile Crimes

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Did you know that nearly three thousand children worldwide have been sentenced to life imprisonment without the opportunity for parole? Well according to Equal Justice Initiative, children as young as thirteen years old have been tried as adults and sentenced to die in prison (1). Since more children have been committing more crimes over the years they are being held accountable by the popular slogan, “If you’re old enough to do the crime, you’re old enough to do the time”. However, we need to understand and realize as Terry Maroney, the assistant professor for Vanderbilt Law, states, “Juveniles are not adults, and saying so doesn’t make it so” (2). Juveniles are kids and just because they chose or were force to choose the wrong path, do…show more content…
They believe juvenile courts should be abolished, because they serve little to no purpose at all. CliffNotes, states, the juvenile court is founded on false premises because its purpose is to shield youths from the consequences of their own actions (2). Children who are able to commit crimes should be able to face the consequences and punishment and not be protected by others. Steven Erickson, a forensic scientist says “Even a 5-year-old knows it 's wrong to kill people” (Lyons 7). If young children know committing murder, rape, or selling drugs is wrong, the older children should know it too. The threat of this harsher punishment will result in lowered juvenile crime rates. A juvenile who is tried as an adult could end up being scared straight, which will deter them from continuing to break the law (Pros and Cons of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults 2). People and some parents believe once juveniles have a taste of real life through punishment they will change. The difference in age in two people should not determine their punishment if they have committed the same crime under the same or similar pretenses (“Equal Punishment for Adults and Juveniles.” 3) Just because they are not the same age does not mean they should be subjected to different punishments. If he has committed an adult crime, or violent crime, a harsher punishment is needed, a child will not be taught anything or learn to take responsibility for their actions, if they are treated with special care and consideration when acting as an adult (“Equal Punishment for Adults and Juveniles.” 3) If you are able to commit the crime or crimes than you should be able to do the time, and it should not matter if you are young, middle aged, or
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