Keeping Secrets In Jane Eyre And Frankenstein

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Keeping a secret is sometimes a good thing to do, but on some cases it is the complete opposite. Secrets eventually get discovered and consequences are the outcome of it. Both novels, Jane Eyre and Frankenstein, explore the idea of keeping secrets as a destructive concept. The character keeping secrets in the novel Jane Eyre was Rochester, boss and lover of Jane. On the other hand, the person keeping secrets in the novel Frankenstein was none other than the main character, Frankenstein. Instead of coming clean, these two characters kept dark secrets that eventually tormented their lives. Frankenstein and Jane Eyre show that keeping secrets can be destructive. Victor Frankenstein started off as a young boy, a young girl named Elizabeth came into his life. Elizabeth was adopted by Victor’s mom, Caroline. Caroline soon decided that someday Elizabeth and…show more content…
Burdened by unhealthy Secret-Keeping habits, they may "steal hours" away from their public lives to act out secret behaviors or passions - sometimes for decades” (Prin, John Howard). This quote definitely connects with Victor locking himself away from society just so he can create this form of life. Even the thought of the creature Made Victor sick to his stomach. ¨ The price we pay with living a lie is reduced life force energy and in effect, reduced love and reduced happiness. Our greatest fear is to lose everything are we reveal the truth¨ (Shavasti). Maybe he wasn 't really ill, it was just in his head. From the very start, right after the creature came to life he was not proud of it. The creature has entirely impacted his life, Victor has not yet had a happy encounter. “I was overcome by gloom and misery, and often reflected I had better seek death than desire to remain in a world which to me was replete with wretchedness”(Chapter 21, page 166). Victor is not so happy with his life, he even goes as far as thinking of
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