The Consequences Of King Claudius

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In the play “Hamlet”, written by William Shakespeare there are numerous accounts of characters deceiving each other; more specifically, king Claudius. His deception is the primary cause for many of the events that unfold within the play. He causes many characters to become upset, and he manipulates the storyline with his deceitful actions. The motives that king Claudius has for doing what he does are strengthened merely by his actions, thus causing an infinite loop of wrongdoing. King Claudius is a character that has simple yet unpredictable methods of redirecting conflict in a way that gets him what he wants without having to deal with the consequences of his devious behavior. One notable scheme set the stage for the entire play/storyline; this would be the killing of King Hamlet. King Hamlet’s death caused his son, and many others, to become upset. One peculiar night, King Hamlet’s ghost visited the castle, appearing before Hamlet and his friends in an effort to reveal the true nature of Claudius. Although Claudius never becomes aware of Hamlet finding out about King Hamlet’s death, he still attempts to remove Hamlet from the kingdom as a result of Hamlet’s mysterious and erratic behavior. Interestingly enough, Hamlet’s controlled insanity mirrors the behavior of Claudius in that they are both unpredictable and are now equally matched in terms of irrational routines. For example, no one was aware of Claudius’s involvement in King Hamlet’s death. Similarly, Claudius is

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