Lies And Execution Essay: The Consequences Of Lying

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Lies, they come in different forms and shape some of then are little lies, big lies or white lies. However, I believe lying, in all forms, is bad. After watching the film it made me agree even more with the fudge factor concept. When we lie we are doing something that it is considered awful, unacceptable, dishonored and incorrect. However, all of us had lied before and we still view ourselves as good people. I lie all the time, lying have got me out of uncomfortable situations with my families and friends. For example my sister really liked a dress and asked me if I like it, but I really hate it. If I would have reply no, then I would have hurt her feelings. As humans, we tend to justify our actions in order to find comfort or peace with ourselves. Some individuals justify their lies by saying things such; I did not wanted to hurt my friend or family, everyone else is doing it or I had no choice. In reality, these are not valid excuses for lying, eventually we are going to end up hurting them. There are situations in life when for me it is easer to lie instead of saying the true, but there is always a sour taste in my mouth after lying to someone I love regardless of the reason.…show more content…
Some people lie to avoid facing the consequences of something they have done, or because it seems more convenient than telling the truth. Most of the times liars end up losing people’s trust, gaining bad reputation, and sometimes they may even lose their identity. Similar to what happened to the people in the film they believed their own lies after lying make times. All of the people in the film have one thing in common a bad reputation in everyone eye’s. When it comes to my relationship, I had several opportunities in the past that could have save me a lot of trouble. However, for some reason I cannot lie to my boyfriend because I know that eventually he will find out and I could lose
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