The Consequences Of Lying Essay: Why People Lie?

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What is lying? Lying is saying something with the intentions of creating false impressions. Almost everyone, every now and then lies. That even includes you and I. But why do we lie? Is it because of the inability to face the consequences of telling the truth? Or is it because we don’t want to harm the other person? There are various reasons that drive people into telling lies. Although each reason differs from the other, the main reason is the inability to face the consequences of telling the truth.
To maintain the amiability of social situations, people may lie. Questions like ‘Does my hair look good?’, ‘Did I lose weight?’ or ‘Do you like my outfit’ often provokes people into lying. Sometimes the truth may hurt and it isn’t what people want to hear. Saving your own face is also another reason. There are things about us that are best kept hidden. For example, you would not talk about how embarrassing your first rejection from your date in the 5th grade was. So instead of talking about how terrible it was in front of your friends, you would rather lie to make the story much more interesting. Rather than sharing embarrassing moments with others, it is better to lie than put yourself into an awkward situation.
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This plays a huge part into why people lie. It often happens when individuals have a lack of problem solving skills and the capability to handle abrupt situations. From time to time, we admit to ourselves that we have done some mistakes, but we do not know how to solve them. In situations like this, we tend to lie as a quick escape instead of facing the actual problem. The truth may sure cause some conflict for the mean time, but lying instead of facing the problem would cause so much more conflict in the future. We need to take care of our responsibilities by fixing the damage we make if we want others to treat us like
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