The Consequences Of Earthlings In The Martian Chronicles

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The invasion of Mars by Earthlings in “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury causes both Martians and Earthlings to suffer from several different consequences. There are many instances in “The Martian Chronicles” where these consequences are shown indirectly. Some fatal consequences formed by the invasion of Mars include innocent deaths, the spread of insanity, sorrow, loneliness, confusion, chaos, and the growth of an unwanted second Earth on Mars. Overall, since the 1st expedition of Earthlings traveling to Mars, things have digressed. The most pivotal consequence and suffered by the most Earthlings and Martians is innocent deaths and the spread of insanity. It isn’t a coincidence that the Martians instantaneously start…show more content…
In the end, there are no Martians, very few lonely Earthlings, and dead cities. Mars, intended to be a world filled with travelers from Earth results in a desolate, empty, and lifeless planet due to the invasion of Earthlings. Another result from the invasion of Mars by Earthlings is the sad reality of making an entire planet filled with sorrow, despair, loneliness, uncertainty, and confusion. There are several instances where Earthlings are hypnotized by Martians, and eventually killed by them, too. These parts of the story usually lead to sadness and depression in character(s). There are also many other examples in the text of the confusion formed by the invasion on Mars. For example, “And if I am real, you must be dead.” (“Night Meeting” page 113) The confusion of who is who leads to the sadness throughout the book as well as deaths of loved family and friends. In the text it says, “Before their eyes he changed. He was Tom and James and a man named Switchman, another named Butterfield;he was the town mayor and the young girl Judith and the husband William and the wife Clarisse.” (“The Martian” page 198) This shows that the Martian pretended to be each
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