The Consequences Of Murders In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth has numerous murders. During the play, Macbeth had been pressured from people who he socialized with to kill others. Being held accountable for these murders, Macbeth has been misled to kill other characters he once socialize with. In the play, Macbeth should be considered innocent for the actions he has done. There are multiple reasons to encounter with the blame for his actions for example: Lady Macbeth, she has questioned his manliness if he didn’t kill King Duncan and she manipulated him in so many ways, The three witches, the predictions they told Macbeth made him start having thoughts of killing the king and taking over the throne, and lastly, he starts to struggle with his mindset because he starts to question his loyalty towards King Duncan.
Introduced as a warrior hero, Macbeth is being praised by King Duncan because of the victory they gained from the battlefield. Macbeth who is a human being, has desires that are made clearly towards the audience through his soliloquies. People who have opinions of Macbeth, he usually describes them as “golden opinions”(Shakespeare). Macbeth has a trustworthy relationship with King Duncan until he questions the prophecies he received from three witches.First, the three witches were one of the reason I determine Macbeth is innocent, they delivered their prophecies to him declaring him that he would be crowned as king. Macbeth describes them as “Supernatural Soliciting”(Shakespeare). In Act 1, Scene 3,
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