The Consequences Of Poverty In The 21st Century

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Whenever I look around all I see is human beings trapped in misery and poverty you can’t go anywhere without encountering a beggar or seeing a child cleaning someone’s car for just a few rupees. This puts my mind in a discombobulating state and I start to question myself, do we really live in the 21st century? What will it take to put an end mark to poverty? There is a simple answer to this question it will only take ‘US’ to work together as citizens of this world to vanish poverty and make this world a better place to live in with peace and harmony. We are the creator of this social evil and now it is our responsibility to put all the efforts in it in order to overcome this problem. “Poverty is not natural, it is manmade” (Nelson Mandela) Poverty is the outcome of injustice, it is the outcome of what we had in excess and didn’t share with the needy ones. It has become one of the most dreadful issues nowadays. 1 in 9 people remain hungry on daily basis. The main reason for this is the wide gap between rich and poor community. The affluent people which are 20% consume 76.6% of the world goods while the rest of 80% population gets leftover goods. We the human beings gave birth to this vicious deed which is now the basic element of disorders in country. But the hope for change and melioration is still alive. “No matter how far we have gone on the road, we can still turn around” Due to successful efforts, progress has been made

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