The Consequences Of Privacy In George Orwell's 1984

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Have you ever felt like your privacy has been violated and you don’t know why? Privacy now a days is a very controversial topic, everyone wants privacy and protection but do not want the consequences that come with it. This is very similar to how privacy was being violated in the novel 1984, it takes place in a orwellian society where no one decides for themselves. There are two articles “That’s no Phone, That’s my Tracker” and “This Smartphone Tracking Tech Will Give You the Creeps”, and the novel 1984 that can justify how privacy is being violated now and in the orwellian society of 1984. George Orwell really shows how privacy in his alternate world in the year 1984 is being violated. In 1984 it’s always shown that everyone in Oceania is being watched by big brother. “Big Brother is watching you”(Orwell.pg3). Big brother is basically the man in charge and everyone answers to him and does what is asked of him. Everyone has to love him and if anyone opposes big brother they get taken and tortured to the point of becoming someone else, someone that loves big brother. In Orwell's vision of…show more content…
That’s My Tracker”, basically explains on how someones phone can track that specific person any time the government wants or anytime any hacker wants, “ They see everything, they’re aware of our position, our relationship to other human beings and other robots, they mediate an information stream around us” ( Maass 2012 ). The article basically talks about how someone’s phone can be used to track that specific person down, not only that the government can also get into your phone without you knowing. The government itself can see what you are searching for, who you are texting, what you are playing and can even take pictures without you knowing. It's rare to see people nowadays without a phone, to think a phone can do things people would never think of like being a tracker, a way for people to know who you are without you wanting them to
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