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Register to read the introduction…Countries such as Vietnam and Russia have also jumped on the bandwagon, rumoured to be in the midst of contract signing with the original broadcasting company to release their local versions of the show. In addition to that, the success of “Dad! Where Are You Going?” also lead to the launching of reality shows of the similar concept, which revolves around the relationship between fathers and children. For example, “Return of Superman” and “Dad Is Back” are both reality shows featuring celebrity dads looking after their children for 48 hours without the help of anyone, while their wives leaves home and take a break from household…show more content…
No doubt the concept of equality in parenthood should be embrace as society now are evolving in an exponential pace and fathers increasingly play a significant role in parenting as of today. A father might not excel in doing house chores or changing a child’s diapers, but a mother might not be as good at teaching their children practical skills. Fathers role are crucial when preparing children towards the path of adolescent such as teaching them physical skills and being independent. Boys learn about how to be a man while spending time with their father, and girls learn how to socialize with the opposite sex in the future. The lack of male presence in the growth of a child might lead to fatal development of girlish boys or fragile girls. With the rise of more cutting edge shows promoting realistic concept of fatherhood, hopefully people can soon realize and concede that fathers are just as essential in their children’s

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