The Consequences Of Reality Television

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Introduction Reality television is a genre of program that documents footages of real events and situations, essentially unscripted and doesn’t employ real actors. The genre often features a host to run the show or a narrator to tell the story that are about to unfold for the audience‘s clear understanding. Unlike scripted shows such as dramas, sitcoms or newscasts, reality television does not rely on professional screenwriters and much of it solely run by producers and editors. The number of reality shows has grown considerably over the past few years and doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the end. Besides morphing their content, they are constantly pushing the boundaries to a greater extent, from game shows to talent competitions to talk shows, hidden camera prank shows, celebrity vanity projects, makeover sagas and dating shows. More than a dozen of well-known reality shows are gradually dominating the prime-time slots on major broadcasting networks due to its extreme popularity with the audience. Reality television is now practically on every broadcasting channels, every night, everywhere. The Reality Show The popularity of reality television’s has brought literally dozens of children’s lives into the public eye. “Dad! Where Are You Going?” is a reality show featuring celebrity fathers and their children traveling cross-country and perform various camping tasks. Fathers and their children encounter all sorts of obstacles as they travel without their mothers. Their

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