The Consequences Of Revenge

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Revenge is an action that ranges from many different degrees. It can range from “I don 't like you either!”, or it can be something intense like a murder. Revenge is caused when someone doesn’t like an action that someone pursues so they react or “shoot” back in effect to get back at that person. Revenge is also an action many people commit without noticing. That’s because some revenge can be so little, that you wouldn’t be aware of your revenge. Revenge when you carry out a negative action, in response to a different negative action towards you. Revenge is shown in many ways, and most people have used revenge, at a low degree. In both the stories "Red Card" and “2BR02B” revenge is brought a harsh level. The two short stories by S.L. Gilbow and Kurt Vonnegut Jr., both deal with Revenge, but they do so in different ways. “2BR02B” develops the theme of revenge by having one character irritate another, resulting in revenge right after the event. "Red Card" develops the theme by having the main character Linda shows revenge against previous acts, that happened before the story took place. However, the stories are both similar, by having both main characters develop revenge in an over exaggerated way. First, in “2BR02B”, revenge is developed between Mr. Wehling and Dr. Hitz, directly after what causes the revenge. Towards the end of the story, Dr. Hitz is irritating Wehling by telling him he can’t keep his kids without a sacrifice, when Wehling, gets revenge. ‘“You don’t
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