Effects Of Slavery In Beloved

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Beloved by Toni Morrison is a deep soul touching novel that tells the story of a mother who loves her children intensely that she murders one of them to save her from the exposure to cruel slavery. This act is not accepted among members of the community and in return the community shuns the members of 124. Slavery forced Sethe to take an action towards extreme measures with her baby daughter not thinking about future affects it could have upon her other children. The novel moves us back and forth through multiple flashbacks to see the perspective of Sethe, Paul D, Denver and Beloved allowing us to further understand how and why they behave the way they do. Although Denver is indirectly affected by slavery, it still remains a strong component…show more content…
Slavery caused Denver 's family to become smaller and smaller starting with the lost of her grandmother, father, and siblings. Since it is only Denver and Sethe living on 124 she is protective of what she has. For example when Paul D makes his first appearance on 124 Denver is not happy about it because she doesn 't like the idea of having to share Sethe 's attention. “All that leaving: first her brothers, then her grandmother- serious losses since there were no children to cirle her in a game. . . None of them had mattered as long as her mother did not look away as she was doing now” (Morrison 15). Denver is protective of what she has left however when Beloved arrives into their lives she believe that is her sister who is back to be reunited with them. Therefore she does everything possible to stay occupied so she doesn 't leave. “ Denver had been careful, to keep her explained things to participated in things or told stories to keep her occupied when sethe was at the restaurant. No given chore was enough to put out the licking fire that seemed always to burn in her.” (Morrison 141). Once Paul D starts to be skeptical toward Beloved she protects her so that she doesn 't leave. In the beginning Denver is very protective of Beloved because she believes she is getting back opportunities that slavery robbed from her. However towards the end of the novel once the truth is revealed and Sethe uncovers who Beloved is Denver pulls away from her relationship with Beloved. Once she starts to see a pattern of abuse between Sethe and Beloved, Denver becomes protective of her mom. She lets go of the idea of getting back her family by letting Beloved exit her life and being to care for her mother. Slavery has exposed Denver to tremendous loss so the passion to protect her family is motivated by the fear of losing her only
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