Essay On Teenage Pregnancy In High School

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Teen Pregnancy, which is also known as adolescent pregnancy is pregnancy in girls under the age of 20. Females who get pregnant at a young tend to face or have many struggles and some having to drop out of school when girls get pregnant at a young age, they will usually give their baby up because they cant handle all that responsibility. Early pregnancy may be combined with malnutrition and poor health care that care that cause medical problems the children of teen mothers are more likely to be born prematurely with a low birth weight, which can lead them to many other lifelong conditions. Females who get pregnant at a young age drop out of high school because they are too embarrassed or don't want to be judged by peers. Some females end up getting kicked out of their homes because their parents disapprove and get upset at the situation. Daughters born to adolescent parents are more likely to become teen mothers themselves.
Teen pregnancy is a serious matter that should be taken seriously
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Teens don't know what they are doing. In their mind they just want to have fun. But they forget the aftermath of the so called “fun”. High schools and middle schools should require that everyone takes sex education. We need to have a solution to the high teen pregnancy rate. The scariest reason for teens getting pregnant is the sexual activities without consent and the rape. Often teens are abused by family members or random adults, and they fear telling anyone about what's going on. They fear that they may be abused again by that person. Our friends also come into place. Teens are greedy when they see something they like they yearn for it. But then they realize the thing they've done is a mistake, they regret it all. That's what greediness does for you. Most teens do these things to fit in. They think being pregnant is the new wave or its “cool”. Teen lack knowing the consequences of the
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