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The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Hoodoo Sea, the Devil 's Triangle, the Limbo of the Lost, and the Triangle of Death, is a part of the Atlantic Ocean in which countless aircrafts, vessels, and people mysteriously seem to just disappear. The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary area shaped as a triangle, which is located from the outer tip of Miami, Florida and connects to Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The Bermuda Triangle has been and is still one of the biggest mystery of time because of the mysterious disappearances like The Mary Celeste in 1872, The disappearance of 5 Navy avengers - Flight 19 in 1945, Army C-45 Superfort vanishes 100 miles off Bermuda in 1947, Four-engined Tudor IV lost with 31 lives in 1948 that have happened over time.…show more content…
We 've all heard myths about compasses in the Bermuda Triangle spinning wildly out of control. Legend has held that the Bermuda Triangle is one of only two places on the planet where a compass points true north, as opposed to the magnetic north. Now, navigators know that a compass must be attuned to compensate for the deviation depending on the location on the globe. While the Bermuda Triangle was once, during the 19th century, a place where a compass pointed true north with no variation, the Earth 's magnetic field is constantly changing, and along with it, compass variations. These days, the Bermuda Triangle does not sit in any kind of strange magnetic area, and pilots and sailors know well to adjust their compasses to compensate for the variation, called declination, between magnetic north and true north. There are plenty of charts to help them out with that. People also believe that aliens may be to blame for the vanishings. It is said that as the UFOs pass over the ships all of the radar screens glowed and the compasses…show more content…
What many may not know is that in the Bermuda Triangle is an area of regular unpredictable storms. According to the NOAA (National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration) “The majority of Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes pass through the Bermuda Triangle, and in the days prior to improved weather forecasting, these dangerous storms claimed many ships.” This means that the unforgiving weather may to blame for these vanishings and not an unseen force. Also, the Gulf Stream can cause rapid, sometimes violent, changes in weather. Additionally, the large number of islands in the Caribbean Sea create many areas of shallow water that can be treacherous to ship navigation. These also have been very dangerous elements like water spouts that can easily terminate any passing ship or plane and the Gulf Stream ocean current is very strong and is reported to move faster than 5 mph in some areas. This is more than sufficient enough to throw the sailors hundreds of miles off course as they do not know how to compensate for the current.
A third reason could be careless sailors and other people. The coast guard in the Bermuda Triangle area get more than 8000 distress calls a year that is more than 20 a day. Most are sailors who have run out of gas or have encountered any foolish problem. This area is highly deceiving in its calmness, so the sailors are not equipped to face what the sea can come up with. The
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