The Consequences Of The Black Death In Europe

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Have you ever thought if you can get something good out of being sick? It sounds really strange as sickness usually causes pain in our body and that we cannot do many things as we have to recover.However in European history,the Black Death was one of the greatest catastrophes in their history but also led to Europe’s “golden age” which was the Renaissance.The Black Death was a deadly plague in the 1300’s and killed an estimated of 20-25 million people. It spread through black rats and fleas when a bacteria called Yersinia Pestis infected the black rats who also carried fleas therefore infecting both animals.These animals were supposedly brought to Europe by Italian traders who came back from trading with the Mongols unknowingly bringing unwanted pests with them.The disease’s spread was also aided by the lack of hygiene in Europe’s towns and cities at that time.During the Black Death, Europe’s insufficient medical knowledge was not able to help lessen the…show more content…
When the Black Death eased, there were social and economic advantages for the survivors of the plague.More jobs and trading opportunities were available when the Black Death started to ease since there were much fewer people and that everyone can be more productive since life was not as dangerous as it was before when there was a plague threatening their lives. People could once again go

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