Holocaust Persuasive Essay

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The Holocaust, a moment in the history of fear, survival, hiding, and death. A time of one of the most feared actions taking place globally, World War II. Many people believe that the Holocaust did not exist, but it was very, very, real indeed. The Holocaust is the most unforgettable event that all survivors could not remove from their mind, it was used as an extermination process for Jews(Allen 6). Many say that there was an alternate path that could have been taken to avoid the war, and they are correct, there were multiple ways to avoid both World War ll and the Holocaust, but humanity and society were blinded by fear and bloodthirst, they really are not to blame, it was the most brutal events in human history(Vail 9). The Holocaust is a time in history when millions of people were persecuted in…show more content…
During those four years, many Jews died one way or another. But after 1938, all authority of imprisonment fell to the Nazis (www.ushmm.org Concentration Camps). This was the cause that forced nearly all Jews into cattle cars within a month.

The Jews were convinced by the Nazis that they were just being relocated, but they were going to the so-called “Shower rooms,” but they were really gas chambers disguised(Blohm 48). Many of the concentration camps were improper, lacked protection from the weather, and one was just a series of tunnels inside a mountain that the Jews were forced on to build a secret weapon(Blohm 28)

Many different countries did liberate the Jews. The British soldiers were able to liberate many whole camps and hundreds of survivors(Allen 29-31). It was not until after the day that Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, that the United States joined the war and helped liberated the Jews alongside the Axis Powers(www.ushmm.org United States). Several more hundred troops from different states were able to
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