Volkswagen Emission Scandal Analysis

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If we had to make a list of most important events of this year, Volkswagen Emission Scandal would probably be place on top ten.Moreover, it would be probably one of the most important scandal of last years.Although the crisis and its effect are crucial, most people do not have enough information to analyse this crisis,because of the complexity and dimensionality of this event.This essay aims to illuminate this scandal from various aspects and show where the Code of Ethics was violated and give my impressions about what should have been done in order to avoid these violations.In the first part of my essay , I will explain these scandal with chronological order without any commentary, then in the second part the violation of Code of Ethics and…show more content…
Winternkorn was replaced by Mr. Müller, who was an executive in Porsche.On 28 September 2015, it was revealed that VW had suspended Mr Neusser and some other managers who took part in development…show more content…
It is an undeniable fact there was many violations of Code of Ethics.However, the important one was made at the beginning and many different sections of Code of Ethics had been violated at the first situation.Although the executive claimed that they did not take part in the development of the cheating software and became informed just before the scandal revealed, it was not only the responsibility of workers, managers, engineers but also of executive to avoid the production of cars with cheating software in order to not deceive public and protect the honesty, because they were paid for it.Moreover the responsible ones did also not hold the paramount health of the public , by causing to pollute the air above the allowed limits in order to get more profit , so they did also put the interest of the company in front of the public interest.Furthermore insisting on producing diesel cars may be regarded as an violation since it became obvious that diesel cars cause to more air pollution so the health of the public was risked in this situation.Additionally this behaviour caused to injure the reputation of the profession and the company.Therefore both engineers who took part in modification of software and were aware of it and the other managers and executives either aware or not, were guilty in this situation and violated several sections of the Code of Ethics.In my point of view, I would not prefer to risk the trust of the customers and make a contribution to global warning for

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