The Consequences Of Video Games

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Since the first video game created by Ralph Baer (Odyssey 100), this technological area hasn’t stopped growing. Every minute, someone on the planet turns on their PC, Xbox, or PS4 to have some fun and forget about their reality for some time. Video games now are commercialized as food at the game stores, which gain much every year. These electronic games have never been that popular as they are today and according to Entertainment Software Association, the sales of computers and videogames sold 273 million units in 2009 and still sell more and more every year. However, there is a conflict that endures since when the first polemic video game was created. Some people believe that brutal video games do not influence children and teenagers’ thoughts and actions in their everyday life. Nevertheless, others argue that these types of games are bad for children’s brains and can turn them into more violent people besides other terrible consequences. Believing or not, these types of games are the most sold in all globe. Everything overdone, over spoken, and over thought is bad for us in some way, because we always have to give up something in order to complete the objective we want. Sometimes, the reward can be good, but another times, it can be dreadful. Playing video games very often can be good and bad for children. In some ways, their brains are developed and the motor coordination and the sense of group work are stimulated. However, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent
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