The Conservative Coalition Essay

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Discuss the basic elements of the conservative coalition The conservative coalition brought together a conservative majority of the Republican Party and the conservative. The basic elements of the coalition included strong libertarian; the foreign policy was strongly interventionist. The elements also include a continuing economic prosperity and having a right wing that had have the ideas of leaving the EU and restricting immigration. There was a decline in the liberal outline as well as the enthronement of conservative philosophy. Examine the impact of new conservative social policies under Presidents Reagan and George Bush on America’s racial minorities, the working class, and women The new conservative social policies under Presidents Reagan and George Bush has a lot of economic and technological changes that affected the lives of minorities as well as the working class in the US. Also, the…show more content…
After peace was restored international trade among countries improved. On the other hand, information technology developed enhancing the way people interacted with each other. The Cold War that was caused by the division between democratic countries and communist states. After the countries were divided ta globalized economy was created one for the communist and the other one for democratic. Similarly, the world economic policies that were being used during the period of Cold War are the once that contributed to globalization after the war ended. Globalization is increased because the way the world changed and cultural relations between the United States and other countries who participated in the Cold War, contributed to globalization. During the post-Cold War, the US saw globalization as a strategic tool that could be used to open foreign markets and improve economic
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