The Conservative Party Essay

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We are the conservative party. The conservative party is a center-right political party.
Conservatives tend to favor in personal responsibility, limited government, free market and individual responsibilities. They usually advocates for a mixed economy, economic liberalism and social conservatism. They believe individuals and household are able to make the greatest number of economic decisions instead of handing it to collective institutions and organizations. Also, they tend to support the freedom of market economy and private property.

Regarding the 35 hours workweek, it’s in fact one of the most controversial issue taken place in France. The France conservative party does not support the 35 hours workweek since they think it’s useless
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With reference to the long term economic plan drafted by the UK conservative party, they listed two points to control immigration by only welcome those who want to work hard to contribute to their society and crack down the abuse of immigration system by making it much harder for immigrations to remain in UK. They attempt to restrict immigrates from access to work, housing, benefits, healthcare, bank account and driving licenses. The UK conservative party has recently made comments on immigration that has stirred up anger that the new prime minister of UK, Theresa May suggested that foreign doctors may have to leave UK after enough British doctors were trained. In accordance to the above, the conservatives are trying to decline and restrict immigrants unless they are capable of contributing to the country. That explains conservatives would not wish to offer asylum or allow the flow of immigration to continue as it is. However, the conservatives wouldn’t wish to go too extremely to refuse asylum to anyone or deport as many illegal immigrants as possible since the society shall criticize them real hard on their
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