The Constant Diamond Comparative Film Analysis

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Comparative Film Analysis Essay Task Focus – The Presentation and Treatment of Africa in Hollywood films: Blood Diamond and The Constant Gardener It is difficult to analyse two similar but also very different films and compare them with each other. The things I found most interesting: Tessa Quayle is the main character’s (Justin Quayle) wife in the film The Constant Gardener. She is played by Rachel Weisz. In the movie she comes across as the ‘good white person’ who doesn’t mind living in Africa, in the middle of nowhere. The first scene of her in Africa is her in the middle of a crowd of black people. They seem to completely accept her and a few children even bring her a present for her unborn child, they made out of the few things they could…show more content…
At first he just uses Solomon Vandi to retrieve the diamond he found and basically forces him to help. He doesn’t change till right at the end where he opens up to Maddy Bowen about his past. After that he seems to understand Solomon’s pain of losing his son to the rebels and his wish to free him. In the end Danny even tries to help Solomon when he realised he had gone to rescue his boy. This is a definite change since before he only cared about the diamond and nothing else. A powerful scene I found when Danny Archer gives Solomon Vandi the diamond. He knows that he will die and he wants to make sure that at least Solomon can return to peace with his family. The scene is very dramatic. They are half way up the mountain when Danny makes his decision. But the short dialog between Solomon and Danny adds humour to the scene and makes it less heavy. The colour of the red sand beneath Danny is symbolic as the man who he smuggled for had foretold him that he would die in his home country South Africa and that the sand was red from all the flown blood over it. Now his blood was too making it even redder. The actors’ expressions are serious and fierce but as Danny gives Solomon the stone both faces brighten up a little. After Solomon and his son continued up the mountain, Danny sits on the side of the mountain and seems peaceful. There is peaceful music playing in the background and a long shot of the Gras covered hills beneath him is shown. The light makes everything look
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