The Constant Diamond Film Analysis

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This comparative film essay will be focusing on the two Hollywood films, Blood Diamond and The Constant Gardener, which when compared are very similar in certain aspects such as themes, character, cinematography and the fact that both films are set in Africa. This essay will be focusing on one of the major characters of one of the films, a stylistic analysis of a sequence from one of them films and lastly a mutual thematic concern of the two films.

Both films consist of many significant characters that play different roles as well as have a different impact on the film. Directors need to be very precise when it comes to casting as it determines how successful the film is, for example Danny Archer. The famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has many awards under his belt such as 5 Academy Award nominations and 10 Golden Globe Awards nominations, plays the role of Danny Archer. This choice of casting was very smart as not only is he a good actor, but many people would have rushed to watch the film simply because he is in it. Leonardo was required to act as a mercenary from Zimbabwe,
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This theme is shared by both Blood Diamond and The Constant Gardener but in different ways. In Blood Diamond we can see that the white Europeans exploit the African resources by purchasing the illegal diamonds, whereas the white Europeans in The Constant Gardener exploit the African people by testing their drugs on them. However there is no difference in how the black people exploit Africa, as both exploit the actual people of Africa. We have the RUF rebels who enslave people to collect diamonds for them as well as brainwash children to fight for them and the upper class blacks in The Constant Gardener who work with the Europeans in the drug

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