The Constitution: A Minority Document By Charles A. Beard

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Mustafa Tambawalla, 1st Hour
The Constitution: A Minority Document, Charles A. Beard
Thesis: The Constitution is a document which enacted social and political changes on American Society; Furthermore, it established a series of checks and balances to regulate the allocation of power in congress. The document also conferred powers onto the federal government, and enacted a variety of restrictions on state governments.
The Constitution is a document drafted by men with a variety of professions and self interests, leading it to enact both social and political changes on American Society.
Majority of members in the congress were personally interested in the outcome of their efforts at Philadelphia, and were more or less economic beneficiaries from the adoption of the Constitution.
The new government was built upon the beliefs of practical
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Political belief that factions rise from inequality in property rights, and that “the theories which men entertain are emotional reactions to their property interests”.
The establishment of a series of checks and balances, by the Constitution, was enacted to regulate the allocation of power in Congress.
No one branch of the government would have more power than the other, and this system of regulating each other’s powers is known as checks and balances. The very regulation of power is located in the Constitution. No Minority shall be damaged by a Majority.
Madison explains the extending sphere of activity of the legislative branch, and how no branch in particular will be powerful, because such a system would be tyrannous.
A variety of interests were to be intertwined in the Constitution in the hopes of protecting minority rights from the majority.
Judicial control gives the Supreme Court the ability to check the constitutionality of passed motions, holding up the system of Checks and
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