The Constitution's Purpose

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The Constitution’s Purpose The union is held together by a powerful document that was made in order to ensure the freedom and prosperity of the individual man’s rights. When the government decides to add laws to the Constitution it is not an easy process to complete. The document is the rock upon by which the country is set upon. The Constitution is meant to be a guide to ensure that all of its citizens are in a place where they can be prosperous. Federalism itself allows the common man to have representation at the state level. It is the government 's duty to enforce what the Constitution and therefore follow what it has to say. Although the people do have representatives, they sometimes lack the true ability to see what is really needed.…show more content…
Grants in aid are fund given by the federal government to the states governments or agencies. This is a way that the government has a way to have control over what going on in a particular section. Grants in aid allow the states and local governments to see the money and funds are directly spent over for the citizens thus giving the citizens more of a direct thing for what they really need. Most of the things that are for the specific good of citizens should be more of an like what goes on in the grants in aid. This allows for a more specific route for how the money flows. Although these grants in aid are still well controlled since the government 's controls how they are spent. Unfunded mandates are regulations the government imposes on the state governments and many other individuals. These regulations require them to do certain things that they do not receive funding for. This once again goes under the ability for the federal government to have to do anything that is deemed as necessary and…show more content…
The Americans With Disability Act is one who defines individuals with disabilities as people who who have a physical or mental obstacle that does not allow them to do “major life activities” (Jones). The definitions of both the Supreme Court and the lower courts of state governments sometimes do not meet on one singular definition of disabilities.It is also important because it lays the most important layouts for protection against discrimination. Many of the issues that arise from court cases for people who have claimed to be discriminated under the Americans With Disability Act, have been because of the lack of understanding of the Supreme Court 's interpretations. In one case the Supreme Court held that a woman who was HIV positive had a disability due to the fact that her obstacle for the major life activity, was her hardships in being able to reproduce. In a second and third case the Supreme Court held that some disability impairments are not associated in the working class of the. For example one might say that a vision problem might be an obstacle if wanting to be a pilot, but “being precluded from the job of a global airline pilot was not sufficient since they could obtain as regional pilots, or pilot instructors” (Jones 3). In both the Sutton and Murphy case the disabilities did not make the cut for impediments because they were not held for making life obstacles for more than one major life activity. Instead the conclusions it came to just went

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