The Construction Of Suspense In Michael Haneke's Cache

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Michael Haneke 's 'Cache ' is a suspense thriller that creates angst and apprehension within the at-home viewer, and leads to their stiff and strained state of mind throughout. It follows the story of a married couple who are menaced by a series of surveillance tapes left in the exterior of their residence from an anonymous source. The mystery, of course, involves the identity of the person or persons sending the videos which disrupt the bourgeois routine of a Parisian family. The film explores what happens when educated member of the Parisian elite (Georges Laurent) is confronted with a traumatic event from his childhood. This film is great at eliciting emotion and ultimately creating suspense among its audience. It does so in a way in which the viewer is intellectually stimulated by the camera shots, media techniques and other elements that the director employs.…show more content…
The construction of suspense in this film is created by its unnerving and slowly developing but simultaneously complicated plot and character development, in which the viewer is condemned to be engrossed by these everyday characters and their ailments. It can 't be denied that the plot itself was intense in its makeup and backstory. Underlying social issues, such as racism, and pulling in tragic French history like the Paris Massacre of 1961 also spawn suspense among the common viewer, naturally. In addition, authentic cinematic techniques evoke an apprehensive and tense reaction from the audience. By combining the plot and cinematic techniques like Haneke did, it is no wonder why the film is said to be a complete harmonisation of content and form. These together combine to prove Haneke could play his audience how he liked and reflect the plot 's emotional meaning and purpose in his work to create a film full of mystery and dismay; a haze of unanswered

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