Constructivism Theory Of Learning

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Constructivism Theory
Constructivism is a theory where knowledge and learning are interact. For some people, constructivism is a learning theory, and the other states that constructivism is a theory of knowledge. In the other hand, a criticisms state that constructivism is not a theory of teaching but it is about theory of learning (MacKinnon & Scarff-Seatter, 1997). Constructivism is a learning theory where in learning-teaching process the students be more active and use their own knowledge and also their experience to understand what the teachers gave for them. Constructivism theory also can define as generative learning that creates a meaning from what the students learn. It means that constructivism theory is a collaborate of learning,
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In this theory, students can build their own knowledge based on information that they got or even their experience in study at home or at school. Because from an experience, students can more understanding what they learn. Moreover, to build students own understanding, they have to study by themselves and looking for some adding information from internet or text book. Not only learn from the internet or text-book to build students own knowledge, but also students’ participation in classroom activities where the constructivism theory has implemented, can produce new idea or new knowledge. All of the way, at the end can reach the goals of constructivism theory in classroom activities to make students build their own knowledge. Besides that, constructivism not only helps students to build their own knowledge but also make students have critical…show more content…
Like the both previous, that students can build their own knowledge and then think critically when they have self-study in constructivism theory classroom, the students writing skill also can be implemented in this theory. In constructivism theory classroom, the teacher as a guide and an adviser just direct the students to organize the analyze before by their own understanding. Then the students can looking for any adding information from the expert or create their own expectation for the analyzes. This way needs students’ strange background knowledge. When the students combine their own knowledge with their critical thinking, and also pay attention on experts’ information, the students can write down their new different paragraph based on the information or text that they already

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