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Dangers of Underwater Welding In this generation, some people are into jobs which are more adventurous and profitable. Where it would whisk some skills and more manpower. And one of it is underwater welding. It is a method that is associated with marine engineering. As it name implies, this involves welding under the water. Underwater welding really is in need of a specialized skilled welder and this kind of welding is commonly done on steel. The major repairs of an underwater welder are those things that are immersed underneath the water surface, which include ships, pipelines, and offshore platforms. Since, repairing the structures in location is more time efficient than repairing the structure out of water, where it would be time consuming and more expensive. It minimizes the cost by straightly repairing the damages in place, therefore saving more money and more time. The mending is prepared by well-trained welders, specialized for it. There are two major categories of underwater welding that can be divided into: wet welding and dry welding. These two main divisions derives under the classification of a high pressure welding method,…show more content…
With all the security precautions that they may follow, the welders are somewhat vulnerable in being electrocuted within the water premises. This events, might occur in the equipment that is not favorable or not suited in underwater conditions. It really is a very nice precaution to test the equipment’s correctly prior or before it would be used in an underwater condition, and also to check that it is well-insulated and that it is not affected by the water, and also, a waterproof electrode is connected with it. This will lessen, if not completely get rid of, the hazard of underwater electric shock. And it is also a must that after using the electric current, straightaway switch off the source of the electric current after finishing the

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