The Consumptions Of Women In The Chaser By John Collier

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For many centuries in our society women have been confined into a stereotypical idea of a patriarchal society. In today 's society the idea isn’t as much viewed upon with all the rights women have been given, but the concept still lingers in some of men 's minds. More so, than today, in the 19th century women were obligated to abide to the principle of gender roles and a male dominated culture. Women were seen as to be a slave and to act a certain way towards men as well as be able to gratify man 's lust of expectations of a perfect woman. These presumptions of women had been very much portrayed in short story , The Chaser by John Collier, in which a boy name Alan Austen seeks for a love potion from an old man, for a girl he likes name Diana. The short story really showed the judgement of men’s egotistical minds and also their lust in which clearly stated the true colors of what men really think of women. This establishes the stereotypical image of a woman becoming a man’s puppet, and having no voice in what occurs, but to only be there for an egotistical lust of love in a submissive form to fulfill a man 's desire. When looking into the short story, it is evidently seen that Alan says he loves Diana, but she doesn 't even bother to pay attention to him. So rather than try to capture Diana’s attention he undoubtedly goes into controlling her entire self will for his own selfish reasons. “ She will change altogether. She will want nothing but solitude and you” (Collier

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