The Contender Analysis

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Contender “It’s not easy, trying to become a contender.” ~ Mr. Donatelli, The Contender. Do you know where you are going to be in 7 years? Or at least where you are planning to be. You need to work hard ,and try your best, whether it’s going to school and paying attention or going on a diet and believing in it. An example of working hard could be, how Alfred wanted to become a contender because he wanted to succeed at something. Also, he had heard so much about his nephew Jeff, who’s in college, and because his teacher friend Spoon, had encouraged him to think about his future, as did his uncle. In sum, There are many themes to The Contender like, working hard to succeed, not giving up, and not going down the wrong path. Alfred started…show more content…
Therefor, don’t let anything drag you down. In school a lot of people are going to try and peer pressure you into things that you don’t want to do (stealing, drugs, alcohol, sneaking out) or maybe you do want to do but you know you shouldn’t. This happened to Alfred’s best friend, James. After James had gone to jail and got out, he had developed an addiction to a type of drug. James asked Alfred for money, “I need money.” “For a fix?That won’t do you no good.” “I’m gonna quit, Alfred, but I need one more, just one more,” “and after that? Come on, James, come on up.” “Money,” James said.” Alfred gave him the money because he felt bad. Which would potentially drag him down more, which it did. Alfred didn’t know what to do in the situation. He wanted James to come inside, but Alfred was pressured into giving him the money because he felt bad for him. In the end, Alfred convinces James to go to the doctor after suffering from a serious injury while running from the police. James refuses at first, but with a little more effort Alfred gets him out of hiding and they begin to walk to the hospital. Talking about how James is going to clean up, and that Alfred is going to help
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