The Contender Book Report

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Many times in life I think why was I born? Why am I not in poverty? There isn’t a day I don’t think about my mom. Your book The Contender has imp bacted the way I see life, family, and friends. As the world is revolving, we are always evolving to be better people in this small but huge world.

Since I have been little I have been told to always follow your dreams. I always said I would be an astronaut, firefighter, and a cop. Truth is I don’t want to be any of those. I have never wanted to let my parents down. With The Contender I feel the main character is very inspiring. He’s always energetic, happy, and calm never letting anything destroy his dreams. I still remember reading the line saying “She had cancer” Thinking why? having such a strong connection. Cancer doesn’t destroy the person it destroys everyone around. I remember sitting at a table with family my mom saying she had bad news. I thought the worst, but my worse wasn’t what I thought. My mom says “I have stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. Family in tears but we tried not to fear.

The Contender is a lot like me. Always looking up, and the only reason to look down is to pull someone up. This book has made me who I am today. One part of the story I like is when the main character says “You’re not defeated until you defeat.” This line
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My 1st grade teacher said you’re the generation that’s gonna change everything. The day I read the part saying something like “You’re gonna change the world.” I had an instant connection with the book. I always felt like I had a reason to be in this world. I’m here for some reason, and I may not know until i’m 20, 30 or even 40. We all have a reason so make that reason worth it. When the main character says he reflects on life all the time I think to myself I do too. You have to set huge standards for yourself. No matter what you can’t get through life without standards. From this book The Contender I’ve realized
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