The Contribution Of Immigrants

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Immigration: Contribution of Immigrants The president once said “America is a nation that welcomes all those who share America’s ideals and values. We have always drawn strength from the brightest and most dedicated people coming here and reaching for the American dream, In fixing our broken immigration system will enable new generations of immigrants to contribute their talent to society.” (President). One example of how immigrants contribute to the U.S economy is having their own businesses, while second generation immigrant people born in the U.S to foreign born parents contribute to the economy as taxpayers and workers. Although economic growth in the United States would be decreased without the contributions of immigrants. Immigration has benefited the U.S economy extremely and has had little effect on the overall wage gap and job market. Contributions are in risk if this country does not fix it’s broken immigration system. Immigrants help to provide business development in developing new products and industries, while immigrant workers increase the services of child support, cleaning services, construction and gardening. Most studies estimating the impact of immigrants have found that taxes including state, federal and social security taxes that immigrants pay exceed the cost of the services they use. Therefore, immigrants contribute to the U.S economy in many ways, report update shows a 1997 document that said the effects of the
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