Contribution Of Immigrants

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Immigration: Contribution of Immigrants
The president once said “America is a nation that welcomes all those who share America’s ideals and values. We have always drawn strength from the brightest and most dedicated people coming here and reaching for the American dream, In fixing our broken immigration system will enable new generations of immigrants to contribute their talent to society.” (President). One example of how immigrants contribute to the U.S economy is having their own businesses, while second generation immigrant people born in the U.S to foreign born parents contribute to the economy as taxpayers and workers. Although economic growth in the United States would be decreased without the contributions
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This shows that Immigrants do half the things U.S citizens do to live in America, Immigrants that live in America contribute just as much as U.S citizens. Therefor there shouldn 't be a problem with immigrants living in the United States, it 's a very important topic that the president should be taking into consideration and trying to do something about it. Letting immigrants come to the U.S with no problem, the more immigrants come to America the more it contributes to the U.S as population growth, population growth would grow…show more content…
Immigrants have and always will make a tremendous contribution to the United States that makes the country a better place, either if it 's population wise, business wise or even money wise. Immigrants will always help America better itself for the best for every individual living in the United States.
Although, Immigrants help America tremendously and the United States wouldn 't be what it is today without the help of the contribution of Immigrants. Something that should be appreciated and seriously taken into major consideration for a big change that would help undocumented immigrants for the better for them and everyone else, rather than trying to ban undocumented immigrants from the country, immigrants have worked hard to make America a better place not only for themselves or for self benefit but for everyone living in the United
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