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Christopher Columbus’s Voyages

In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered America. On August 3, 1492 Christopher Columbus set sailed on his journey with his three ships The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria and a crew of 90 men. He set sailed west to Asia in hope of finding gold, pearls and spice for trade. Their voyage was long and difficult, and after so long of travelling, they finally saw land, but it wasn’t Asia. He had discovered a new land. But, that wasn’t Columbus’s only voyage. He took three more voyages to the new world and to other different islands.
Christopher Columbus
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On his second voyage, Columbus was given 17 ships and about 1200 men. For this voyage they decided to bring animals such as pigs, horses, and cattle. He was ordered to expand the settlement of Hispaniola, convert the natives to Christians, establish a trading post, and continue his exploration of searching for China and Japan. They set sail on October 13, 1493, and on November 3rd they saw land. During his exploration he took his ships to Dominica and found the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico, before arriving to Hispaniola. Then he on December 8 he found a new town and he named it La Isabela. Columbus spent the next months in establishing and exploring the colony. The return back wasn’t easy Columbus got ill and his crew left and returned to the colony La…show more content…
Columbus had been gone for almost two years and the people weren’t happy. They were short in supplies and the wealth that Columbus had promised failed to appear. He had been a poor governor and the people weren’t happy with him. Hearing about these rumors the Spanish sent Francisco de Bobadilla to Hispaniola in 1500. He was a nobleman and a knight of the Calatrava order. Bobadilla arrived with 500 men and native slaves that Columbus had brought to Spain on his previous voyage. He found the situation bad. Since the settlers weren’t happy, Bobadilla was able to put Columbus and his brothers in prison. And in October Columbus and his brothers were sent back to Spain. His third voyage had been a

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