The Contributions Of Justice In Plato's The Republic

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The republic is one of the great valuable work mainly referring to the justice, the rule or order and the character of the righteous and just city-state and the just man written by Plato, who is a philosopher in Classical Greece. It adopts a writing technique of Socratic dialogue, a kind of literary or artistic prose developed in Greece, around 380 B.C. and its contribution proved is one of the most influential works of philosophy and political theory. The republic concerns for the true and genuine principle and justification in the surrounding community especially for the affairs and changes in human life involving the economics, ethics and moral philosophy, political sociology. Plato stands a point of view that there is no blindness for human to clearly and persistently accept the criterion and norm of the moral or behavioral according to our own reason and mind. They present those just and righteous idea and thoughts to illustrate the blueprint of the perfect and ideal city by a political and philosophical way. The research of political construction and shaping society are not the indeed aim and purpose for Plato to write this work but to give inspiration and confidence for the sake of the direction how to operate the effective and fair treatment with civilian.

There are ten volumes or books explaining the real justice and right with the dialogue of Socrates. In the Book I, the discussion of defining justice is brought out from peers of Socrates: Cephalus defines

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